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What Does Your Scent Have to do With Bonding With Your Baby?

Everything! Extensive research has proven a baby can recognize their mother’s scent soon after birth. Studies have shown a new-born can differentiate between their mother’s breast pad and that of another mother. New-borns are highly attracted to their mother’s scent, they prefer it over any other. We all have a specific scent that is uniquely ours. The amniotic fluid the baby is surrounded in has a similar smell to the oils produced in the glands of their mother’s nipples. This encourages the baby to want to snuggle towards their mother’s breast. One study showed that mother’s scent alone can help soothe her baby during a painful procedure such as a heel prick. In this study they placed a baby’s mother’s breast pad a few inches from the baby’s nose while pricking their heel for a routine blood draw and the babies would cry significantly less. Scent plays a crucial role in the early period of the bonding process. Your baby is comforted from your scent.

By placing your baby skin to skin on your chest in the first hours after birth has shown to be an important part of your baby developing scent recognition to you. This starts the process of your baby learning your scent. This exercise can also be used for Daddy’s or the person involved in your baby’s life, as their scent is also very important for your baby. It is advised not to wear any perfume or scented deodorant that could interfere or mask your natural scent. If skin to skin is not possible at birth you can help your baby learn your scent by placing the Lovey Heart Scent that has been rubbed under your arms or worn in your bra by your baby’s head.

The scent your baby is exposed to as a new-born is the scent that will be imprinted on their brain. If your baby is used to a certain scent of a perfume or a deodorant that you wear your baby will be attracted to that smell. The scent in the beginning of your new-borns life can have a comforting effect on them throughout their lives.

There are many important aspects to the bonding process between a mother and her baby. We know through extensive studies scent plays a significant part in initiating this process. That is why we offer the Lovey Heart Scent to comfort your baby with your scent while not in your arms.

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