Getting Baby to Take a Bottle

Most babies need help in learning how to suck on a bottle nipple.   If possible, use breast milk at first in the bottle.

Cradle your baby in your arms at chest height, tummy to tummy.   Place the Lovey Heart Scent, with your scent on it, over your breast .

Have warm breast milk in bottle as you bounce the baby rhythmically up and down.  Put the bottle nipple to babies lips letting them lick and mouth the nipple.  As they start to stick out their tongue around the nipple, slowly insert nipple while continuing to bounce her.   For instruction how to pace feed a baby once she has the idea of how to suck from a bottle go to

We recommend that you start this process before baby is crying.  Look for hunger signs like your baby putting hands in their mouth, alert, or rooting around.

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