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Lovey Heart Scent

What Does Your Scent Have to do With Bonding With Your Baby? Everything! Extensive research has proven a baby can recognize their mother's scent soon after birth. Studies have shown a new-born can differentiate between [...]

The perfect way to bathe your newborn baby

The perfect way to bathe your baby! Using the Lovey Bathing Wrap makes bath time a relaxing and enjoyable experience for you and your baby. Let us show you how simple it is [...]

Getting Baby to Take a Bottle

Most babies need help in learning how to suck on a bottle nipple.   If possible, use breast milk at first in the bottle. Cradle your baby in your arms at chest height, tummy to tummy.   [...]

Research Behind the Lovey Heart Scent

Babies’ sense of smell, called “olfaction,” is highly developed at birth. Scientists think a baby’s ability to smell his mother is one of the important ways he learns to recognize her. Newborns spend a lot [...]